OuM Faceplate diverse colours

Product no.: 4444

• Cover for closing earmolds

Alternative to full cast iron
• Approx Ø 35mm

• Colors: clear transparent, black-transparent, red transparent, blue transparent. Other colors on request

Processing instructions:

• Face grinding of the earmold
• Apply adhesive to the edge of the earmold
• Attach the faceplate
• Milling the material
• Fillet the faceplate

We deliver exclusively medical plastics

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Selection: OuM Faceplate diverse colours

Product no. Farbscala Status Price
4444-1 Red-transparent
3.54 €
Product data sheet
4444-5 Black-transparent
3.54 €
Product data sheet
4444-2 Blue-tranparent
3.54 €
Product data sheet
4444-3 Crystal-clear
3.54 €
Product data sheet
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