OuM PE 1133 hard

Product no.: 01133

3-way-system (balanced armature driver)


Earmold with soft auditory canal and hard outer shell.
Built-in cerumen filters HF3 for changing. Available in the shop
Colors: clear-transparent, red-transparent, blue-transparent. Other colors on request


Gold-plated MMCX connector
Easily interchangeable
Rotating plug-in contact
At the ear wire reinforced for a comfortable fit and secure hold
Gold-plated snap-lock mechanism allowing 360 ° rotation
Gold plated 3.5mm jack plug (angled 90 °)


•1 bass 1mid 1high

•Frequency response 20Hz-16kHz

•Sensivity at 1 mW Input 113dB

•Impedancy 11Ω

•Damping ca.32dB

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Selection: OuM PE 1133 hard

Product no. Driver Farbe Status Price
01133-0006 3-way-system Crystal-clear
497.55 €
01133-0007 3-way-system Blue-tranparent
497.55 €
01133-0008 3-way-system Red-transparent
497.55 €
01133-0009 3-way-system Skin colour
497.55 €
01133-0010 3-way-system Black-transparent
497.55 €
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